Gather Around With Huddlbox!

The most complete transportable video system on the market today. The Huddlbox was designed for a number of indoor and outdoor activities. Bring the classroom to the sideline, the party to a tailgate, or movie night in the backyard with family, the Huddlbox is revolutionary.



We Built The Most Mobile Video System On The Planet, The Huddlbox!

Outdoor Recreation

Connect to your ipad or smart phone in order to stream live video directly into your Huddlbox. This allows you immediate access to recorded video of all previous activity. It also comes with a HDMI cable.

Competitive Athletics

Most learning happens before and after a game or practice. The Huddlbox now offers real time analysis for coaches by bringing a level of science and critique not readily available on the sidelines.

Training and Teaching

Like changing the frequency of sound with an equalizer, the Huddlbox affords teams the same opportunity to improve performance on the field through live interaction before, after, and during the game.

Designed With The Outdoors In Mind!

Huddlbox can entertain, inform and keep people close to the action. It’s a crowd-pleaser for many restaurants, businesses, theme parks, stadiums, and even for your home, pool or patio. And yes, there really are video systems designed for the outdoors! However, most all indoor and outdoor video systems miss this very important problem, portability. The best video system for indoor and outdoor use is the Huddlbox. Our transportable video system is designed & engineered to be safer – with a better viewing experience – than their counterparts. If you need video system for the outside to work in daylight and potentially extreme temperatures, as well as rain or snow, then a Huddlbox is the answer. 

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