About US

Huddlbox is a sporting equipment company in Mobile, AL.,  providing performance enhancement tools and solutions. As coaches and players, we can all get better together, and our Huddlbox will help you do just that. Designed for coaches by coaches, The Huddlbox is a winner, and is sure to help you achieve optimal success wherever you huddle up!

Our Mission

At Huddlbox, we strive to manufacturer high quality, practical solutions for picture and video playback.

Our Vision

It is our vision to live life in High Definition. You can see that in every box we manufacturer. It is our goal that every household in the U.S. be influenced by the Huddlbox in some application.

Our Story 

Huddlbox is a manufacturer of quality sporting and outdoor video equipment located in Mobile, Alabama. The company is run by Jason and Steven, who are not only former coaches, but avid fans of football. Jason who’s always eager to help, began looking for a solution that could help fix the problem. Jason started thinking on the visuals and other aspects of learning within a classroom setting. The challenge was how to bring the classroom to the sideline. Jason then came up with the concept of having TV monitors on the field that were big enough for a team or small group to gather and be able to view easily; A monitor that could stream recorded or live video from an I pad or smartphone.

Of course with this concept, came apparent issues. Many of which have prevented others from giving this concept much thought. Now the goal had become, how to protect this important piece of equipment i.e. technology when outside in the elements. Knowing where he could get answers, Jason brought the idea to his lifelong friend Steven a custom wood designer. They talked about the school’s performance and both shared the frustration of the head coach. Jason told Steven about his idea of having a 32’ TV monitor that could stream video directly to the sideline, but he was concerned about how to protect it. So he and Steven began immediately collaborating with the local coach and players to begin working on and improving the prototype.

It was out of this burning desire to help his local high school, that the idea of Huddlbox was born. Now, Jason handles all of the day to day sales and deals with each coach directly to ensure exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and Steven, the “glue” behind the Huddlbox, pun intended, specializes in high quality manufacturing and custom woodworking and is responsible for building the Huddlbox.